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Supporting People and Rebuilding Communities


Women-led org. Believes in feminism, equality. Working to improve lives, livelihoods of vulnerable & voiceless


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Make World Beautiful

We Work For

  • Women
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Peace and Security

We try to provide :

  • Counseling
  • Medical expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • vocational training/ expenses
  • cultural training/expenses

What We Do

Support survivors of gender Based violence/violence against women


Raise awareness on rights issue

Conduct workshops/training/experience sharing

Raise voice against any kinds of oppression on the area that we are working for

Maintain collaboration with regional/national/international org and work with them

More About SPaRC

Presently, we are working in Chittagong Hill Tracts with its core focus on women and girls who are survivors of sexual and/or physical violence, aims to strengthen and empower this group’s ability to both independently and collectively take necessary steps to recover and move on from their challenges, improve their lives and be heard.


SPaRC is committed to the tenets of gender equality, sustainable development, justice, peace, and both mental and physical health. SPARC is one part of a dynamic network of women and men across the globe, with friends of SPARC including researchers, feminists, journalist, psychologists and other medical professionals, photographers, academics, students and youth leaders, environmental activists, rights activists, and lawyers who are committed to the vision and mission of SPaRC.


SPaRC was informally founded in April, 2013, in the aftermath of the Savar garments factory tragedy in Dhaka which caused the deaths of more than one thousand people (mostly women). The organisation was born out of the empathy that a network of like-minded individuals was feeling in the wake of the devastating tragedy. Following successful fundraising efforts, the group made collective efforts to mitigate the suffering and empower the mostly female victims (and their dependents) of the Savar tragedy. Subsequently, three members of the group were inspired to move forward with the creation of a more structured organisation committed to the same ideals in their home region of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, where too many women and girls are disempowered and voiceless.

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