Supporting People and Rebuilding Communities, women-led org. Believes in feminism, equality. Working to improve lives, livelihoods of vulnerable & voiceless.

Our Mission And Vision

SPaRC’s mission is ensuring women and girls’ social and political rights without prejudice of their sex, caste, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

SPaRC’s vision is A world where all can live with dignity. SPaRC believes in feminism leading to rights and social equality.

We believe “Courage is Contagious” and thus we strive boldly for an approach which highlights the problems which are pulling human kind backwards. We also strive for the quality of our work over its quantity. Our work includes promoting eradication of discrimination based on every factor, up to and including gender, sexuality and class.

SPaRC strives to add to the movements around the world which fight for a better, equitable, more just and peaceful world, a world where each and every human being- irrespective of their multiple identity (sexual, religious, economic, ethnic) enjoy equal opportunities and live in peace.

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